Screenshot by Demodocus
Lore Details:
Warp: /warp atranta
Location: Riverlands
House: Vance
Type: Holdfast
Construction Details:
Started: February 2013
Project Lead: MrTXI
Project Type: Personal
Project Status: Completed
Atranta is the seat of House Vance of Atranta, one of the branches of House Vance, the other being in Wayfarer's Rest. Their sigil is quartered with a green dragon on white, a white tower on black. Atranta is situated on an island in the eastern fork of the Blackwater Rush, below Tumbler's Falls. This location provides an important river crossing within The Riverlands and the holdfast is well-fortified. Although canon does not specifically state which branch of House Vance is more prominent, it is clear that both have important positions within the region, with Wayfarer's Rest having a larger castle, more holdings, and vassal lords, but Atranta having powerful appointments within both the Riverlands and abroad.


  • House Vance Keep dominates the northern portion of the island, which was manmade by digging a channel from the river. The complex includes six towers, four grouped together, and two in different styles, which surround the main hall. Each of these towers was built over the years to increase House Vance's defense, with the latest addition being the moat. This moat can be crossed by a drawbridge directly into the keep or by a wooden bridge into the market area.
  • Ferry Crossing, the river to the east can be crossed by a simple barge with a rope system, which allows for easy transportation while maintaining the castle's defensible position.
  • Sept and Market, to the south of the castle is a sept on the far point of the island and a market with several stalls. Although there are structures on both sides of the river, it is clear that the manmade island is the hub of activity in this region.


MrTXI constructed Atranta starting in February 2013. The build was transferred to the new map (The South: Part I) in July 2013.


In his application , MrTXI mentions that "House Vance of Atranta and House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest, including blind Lord Vance, and various kinsmen, including Ronald the Bad, Hugo, Ellery, and Kirth, as well as the arms, all refer to the works of science fiction and fantasy grandmaster Jack Vance, who Martin considers the greatest living science fiction author." With this in mind, MrTXI used Jack's Vance's "The Last Castle" to design a space that is "compact, siege-resistant, fortified, but also comfortable to live in."

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