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Lore Details:
Warp: /warp briarwhite
Location: Crownlands
House: House Follard
Type: Holdfast
Construction Details:
Started: March-April 2014
Project Lead: ertylink00
Project Type: Private
Project Status: Completed

Briarwhite is a small holdfast and village in The Crownlands near the border with The Riverlands. It lies on a small road connecting the Kingsroad to the Riverlands south of the God's Eye and sits between Ivy Hall and Wheatfield, a path taken by Yoren, Arya and company. On our server it is ruled by House Follard, a noble house of the Crownlands, though the books do not specify which house rules there. House Follard blazons their arms with gyronny of twelve red and white; on a gold canton, a two-peaked fool's cap of red and white. Their words are "None so Wise". There are only two known members of the house. Ser Perkin Follard and Deaf Dick Follard, a man of the Nights Watch.


  • Briarwhite, the seat of House Follard. A small holdfast with a small dining area, a basement, a kitchen, barracks, and living quarters for the nobles and the maester, as well as a rookery.
  • Briarwhite Village, located just outside of the holdfast. Has a small sept, with a septons house rigth beside it. Also has stables, who are used whenever the Follards get guests. The whole village is centered around a pond, where the villagers bathe and wash their clothes.
  • The Border River, to the west is a river that forms the somewhat ambiguous border between the Crownlands and the Riverlands.


The application for Briarwhite was submitted the 28th of February 2014, and it was approved on the 7th of March the same year. Briarwhite had already been built by Kaydalyn as part of a bigger project series called "Aryas Journey". The build needed a redo, however, so ertylink00 picked it up. Ertylink00 started by having the hill terraformed, and then he plotted out the keep and the village. After the village was opened for builders he started work on the keep. Briarwhite was finished the 15th of April 2014. Just 8 days before the builders' birthday. (See Forum )


Briarwhite was inspired by a lot of the other similar builds of the Crownlands and Riverlands, two being Byrch and Tearhold, both of which are relatively close to Briarwhite. Briarwhite was built to defend the border of the Crownlands, in case of an attack from the Riverlands.

This location, along with Wheatfield, Tearhold, Ivy Hall, Sow's Horn, Brindlewood, and Hayford are considered part of the "Bermuda Triangle" of the Riverlands because conflicting canon information complicated our understanding of the region for many months and led to extensive conversations and fact-checking on the forums

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