Cornfield is a castle located in The Westerlands near the border of The Reach. It is the seat of House Swyft.

Lore Details:
Warp: Cornfield
Location: Southern Westerlands
House: Swyft
Type: Castle/Village
Construction Details:
Started: December 2012
Project Lead: BantyRooster
Project Type: Solo
Project Status: In Progress


The castle is situated on a cliff with its back against a mountain. The majority of the castle is made up of a mix of light stone, and topped with a brick roofs. The main village is split up into two sections, one section rests on the cliff near the castle while the other section sits at the base of the cliff. As you continue down the main road, you are surrounded by fields of grain and small farmhouses.


This section will be edited once the project is completed

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