House Cressey is a noble house of the Crownlands. Cressey neighbours House Mallery, Gaunt, Wode and Antlers. This location is not canon. According to semi-canon sources they blazon their arms with seven silver coins upon a red bend sinister, between two helmets, silver on blue.


  • Cressey Keep, is a single Norman Keep perched on a Motte overlooking a branch of an unnamed river.
  • Cressey Town, sitting just south of the keep there is a small town of about 30 homes. The town is home to a small lake dock, sept and lichyard
  • Logging Camp, there is a small logging camp as an economic portion for Cressey.


House Cressey was a project started by long term builder Georni in the fall of 2016. In the coming year Georni began to lose interest in the server stating that, "I have been a builder on Westeroscraft for a good 5 years now, and I have had loads of fun during those years, but lately that has changed, logging in is no longer as fun as it used to be, I no longer have much time to play, and when I do, I can't find inspiration to build."

During this time the concept of Foster Projects was proposed by Otmis25. Fosters are projects that have been abandoned near completion that another builder has agreed to take up in order to finish the work. The new build must remain true to the original plans within certain parameters. With the backing of good friend Wazgamer, they decide Cressey would be the perfect project to test the idea as it was abandoned just weeks ago. In early November they get cracking and the project is completed and updated in about four months. The concept was a relative success and Otty would go on to complete 2 more fosters following Cressey.


No real-life inspiration was used. Instead, the nearby castles of Thorne and Mallery were used as inspiration for Georni.

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