How to install our Custom Launcher

On a Windows PC

On a Mac

Installing Launcher  #Download the launcher .jar for mac.

  1. Open the .jar file.
  2. Add your profile information; under "instances" click on the Production Server instance.
  3. On the bottom right click "Update", watch the Progress tab and wait until it is finished.
  4. When it's done updating press "Launch Minecraft".

(Optional) Get minecraft icon on launcher .jar file

  1. Find your vanilla minecraft app, right-click it, and select "Show package contents".
  2. Navigate to Contents/Resources and find favicon.icns.
  3. Right click your launcher .jar file, Get Info, and notice the icon space on the top left.
  4. Drag the favicon.icns to that icon space.

(Optional) Installing additional mods

  1. Navigate to Library/Application Support/WesterosCraft/instances/WesterosCraft. This is effectively the equivilent of the minecraft Application Support folder for vanilla clients. If you can't find your Library folder, see here .
  2. Download your mod- it must be a Forge mod, and should come in the form of a .jar or .zip file.
  3. Navigate to the mods folder, and drag your mod's .jar or .zip file inside that folder.
  4. Run the launcher as normally; if the game doesn't start properly, the mod is likely not compatible with Forge or at least one of the default mods of the launcher.

(Optional) Installing other resource packs

  1. Navigate to Library/Application Support/WesterosCraft/instances/WesterosCraft.
  2. Go to the resourcepacks folder, move the resource pack here, just like you would with vanilla clients.

On a Linux Machine

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