Deep Den
Lore Details:
Warp: /warp deepden
Location: The Westerlands
House: House Lydden
Type: Castle
Construction Details:
Started: October 2013
Project Lead: KanylKay, davinator4O1
Project Type: Co-op
Project Status: Completed

Deep Den is a large castle in the eastern Westerlands and the seat of House Lydden. It is located in hilly and mountainous terrain east of Lannisport, with Hornvale to the north and Silverhill to the south where the Goldroad passes into the Westerlands. House Lydden's sigil is a white badger on per pale green and brown. They are house with a strong military tradition, and have often been rewarded for their service and loyalty to the Lannisters.


  • Deep Den (Castle), the main keep of House Lydden is a sandstone fortress nestled into the mountains. The castle has square walls with several towers with red-tiled roofs. There is a lower and upper keep, since the castle has expanded over the centuries. In a nearby valley is an abandoned godswood with a stumpe of an ancient weirwood tree.
  • Pond, there is a small pond at the base of the castle.
  • Main Town, located south of the castle along the Goldroad. There are several small houses and fields spread in this fertile valley.
  • Mine, further west along the road is a large mine controlled by House Lydden, one of many that contribute to the material wealth and resources of the Westerlands.



Deep Den was completed by KanylKay and davinator4O1 in October 2013 (seeForum). It replaced an older version on the old map from 2012 completed by LordThan (see Old Forum). Deep Den may require some updates, but the version on the new map has stood the test of time.


Deep Den castle is inspired by other castles in the Westerlands, and also Italian and central European, including Orava Castle in Slovakia, Castello di Trostburg, and Predjama Castle. (See Application).


Deep Den was featured in Episode 7 of WesterosCraft Walks by DutchGuard, who tours the village and castle.
WesterosCraft Walks Episode 7 Deep Den

WesterosCraft Walks Episode 7 Deep Den

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