Lore Details:
Warp: /warp fawnton
Location: Stormlands
House: House Cafferen
Type: Castle and Town
Construction Details:
Started: July 2015
Project Lead: Dav and Galivis
Project Type: Coop
Project Status: Completed

House Cafferen is noble house from The Stormlands. They blazon their arms with two white fawns counter salient on green. They were Targaryen loyalists until they turned to Robert's side during the rebellion. Fawnton is located right on the northwest border of the Stormlands and Reach, near the Kingswood.


Fawnton on Imgur


  • Cafferen Keep, in the middle of the town is a tall stone-walled keep with a brown-tiled roof. The keep is a blend of the stormlands palate with the architecture of the Reach.
  • Town of Fawnton, with approximately fifty houses, Fawnton is one of the few true towns in the stormlands. It is a center of trade in the both the stormlands and the Reach, especially in the lumber trade since it is close to the Kingswood and other forests.
  • Farmhouses, the farmers of Fawnton live in modest stone houses with thatch roofs outside the main town.
  • Agriculture, because the region is close to the Reach, the agricultural land is very fertile. There are many fields with a variety of crops, including blue fields of flax (pictured).


The construction of Fawnton was a lengthy process. It took just under a year to complete the build. At least fifty people helped build this location. (See Forum) An older version of Fawnton by mgleim was never truly completed and was a series of wooden structures built beneath a dense canopy of trees. (See Old Forum)


The Cafferen Keep and Fawnton were inspired by Austrian and Czech castles, which form the basis of much of the stormlands style. (See Application)

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