Harlaw is the second largest of The Iron Islands and is both the wealthiest and most densely populated. It lies northeast of Pyke and southeast of Orkmont and Blacktyde. Harlaw is renowned for its shaggy ponies which are used throughout the Iron Islands.

House Harlaw is the major house of the island, rivaling the Greyjoys in strength and influence, and have five branches on the island: House Harlaw of Ten Towers , House Harlaw of Harridan Hill , House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering , House Harlaw of Grey Garden , and the ancient House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall, which was the ancestral seat of the house before the construction of Ten Towers.

The island also includes House Kenning of Harlaw, House Myre of Harlaw, House Stonetree of Harlaw, and House Volmark of Volmark.

Although their locations are not mentioned, our server placed House Weaver on Harlaw.

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