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Lore Details:
Warp: /warp hornvale
Location: The Westerlands
House: House Brax
Type: Castle
Construction Details:
Started: December 2014
Project Lead: Knight_Krawler & Infinityme123
Project Type: Co-op
Project Status: Completed

The Hornvale is a large valley located in the eastern region of The Westerlands. Containing large dense forests, and lavender meadows, Hornvale is under the jurisdiction of one of the Lannister’s chief bannermen, House Brax. The Hornvale is a fertile region boasting large fields and many pastures in addition to the region’s mines and quarries that contribute to Brax’s wealth and prosperity. House Brax is a noble house in the Westerlands, among the chief bannermen of House Lannister. Their shield depicts a purple unicorn on silver. Their seat is the Hornvale, located in the mountains of the Westerlands and is close to the headwaters of the Red Fork. A smaller road from The Riverlands into the Westerlands winds its way along the Red Fork, but the Golden Tooth still protects the major route into the region to the north.



  • Castle Brax, a large red-tiled and sandstone castle perched on one of the snow-capped mountains rising above the valley. A small stream winds its way through the castle to the town below.
  • Hornton, A small town located at the base of the castle. Home to the many smiths who create fine jewels with the gold mined from the valley.
  • Egert, A large hamlet, to the west of Hornvale castle; a popular brewery is located nearby and a septry.
  • Went, located on the shores of lake Went, lies the charming hamlet. The hamlet used to export primarily fish but have recently traded their nets for scythes in order to meet the high demand of food for the Westerlands.
  • Hornwood, situated towards the end of the vale, the dense forest sprawls across hills and streams, providing an abundance of game for hunting. However due to the twisting roads, shady forest floor and small folk with a thirst for wealth, many claim that the Hornwood is dangerous for unwary travellers.


The construction of Hornvale began in December 2014 after the approval for Knight_Krawler and Infinityme123 to build. And completed in Spring 2015. The hamlets, mines, and towers were applied for separately by other builders. (See Forum )


Hornvale Inspiration

Inspiration for Castle Brax

Castle Brax was inspired partly by fantasy architecture, especially the walkways between towers, but toned down to fit more realistically into the server and match the style and palette of the Westerlands. (See Application)
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