House Blacktyde
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Lore Details:
Warp: /warp blacktyde
Location: Iron Islands (Blacktyde)
House: Blacktyde
Type: Castle, Village
Construction Details:
Started: October 2013
Project Lead: zndna32
Project Type: Solo
Project Status: Completed

House Blacktyde is the most prominent house on the island of Blacktyde. With House Humble and House Codd being the only other houses on the island and much less significant. The port of Blacktyde Village is the main point of entrance onto the island with roads connecting the village to other locations on the island. House Blacktyde is an older house on The Iron Islands and has been an important voice in the politics of the islands. Baelor Blacktyde, the current lord of House Blacktyde, was taken captive in Oldtown following the Greyjoy Rebellion, and as a result, converted to the Faith of the Seven, and is much more conservative because his father was killed in the last Greyjoy uprising.


  • Blacktyde Castle, on a rocky cliff east of the village is the fortified castle of House Blacktyde. Grey stone walls surround a courtyard beneath the square keep that faces seaward.
  • Blacktyde Village, nearly twenty modest dwellings surround a natural harbor on the south side of the island that is the main port for the entire island. Roads leading north and west connect the village to House Codd and House Humble.
  • Knightflyer, Lord Blacktyde's primary vessel, displaying green and black sails, the colors of House Blacktyde, is in the harbor of Blacktyde Village.
  • Lumber Camp, on the top of a hill is a lumber camp which overlooks the castle.


House Blacktyde, along with its village and castle, were built by znda23 in Fall 2013. (See Forum )


Chillington Castle, Northumberland, England

Plans for Blacktyde Caslte.

The inspiration for House Blacktyde was other castles on the Iron Islands as well as Chillington Castle in Northumberland, England. In the application, two options were presented for the castle position, with the second option closer to the ocean being chosen. (See Forum )

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