House Codd
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Lore Details:
Warp: /warp codd
Location: Codd
House: Iron Islands
Type: Tower
Construction Details:
Started: October 2013
Project Lead: thecoddfish
Project Type: Solo
Project Status: Completed

House Codd is a minor house from The Iron Islands. Although its location is not mentioned, the house was placed on Blacktyde. They are not well regarded among the other houses because they are descended from thralls and saltwives and many consider their women wanton and their men thieves, who practice incest. Their sigil is a silver codfish on black and their words are "Though All Men Do Despise Us."


  • Codd Keep, a grim and dirty keep on the side of the hill.
  • The Lamentation, the main longship for House Codd.
  • Village, with a few hovels.


House Codd was built by thecoddfish in Fall 2013. (See Forum )


Although thecoddfish created a backstory for House Codd, who inhabit a ruined castle from a much more powerful and extinct house similar to Castamere or Tarbeck Hall in the Westerlands, the actual build is much simpler. (See Application )

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