House Goodbrother of Downdelving
[[File: |250px|]]
Lore Details:
Warp: /warp downdelving
Location: Iron Islands (Great Wyk)
House: Goodbrother
Type: Keep
Construction Details:
Started: December 2013
Project Lead: Phozar
Project Type: Solo
Project Status: Completed

House Goodbrother of Downdelving is a cadet branch of the Goodbrothers on western shores of Great Wyk. Very little is known about this branch of the large Goodbrother family.


  • Downdelving Tower, a small square keep made of stone sits above the small village.
  • Village, seven small hovels a crowded near a beach where their fishing boats are pulled ashore
  • Mine, on the road to Sealskin Point is a small tin mine. Perhaps the name Downdelving is related to their modest mining background, which is a major source of income for House Goodbrother in general.


Downdelving was constructed by Phozar in December 2013. Bluecichlid submitted a very similar application earlier, but Phozar's planned was approved and completed. (See Forum )



Inspiration for Downdelving Tower

The small square tower was inspired by various images of tower houses. (See Application )
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