House Wynch of Iron Holt
Lore Details:
Warp: /warp ironholt
Location: Iron Islands
House: Wynch
Type: Castle
Construction Details:
Started: October 2013
Project Lead: davinator4O1, dell1862
Project Type: Solo, Collaboration
Project Status: Completed

House Wynch of Ironholt is a noble house on Pyke, where only two other settlements are present: Pyke and Lordsport. Ironholt is on the western side of the island. There arms are a bloody white moon on purple. Lord Waldon Wynch is the current lord of Ironholt.


  • A small fishing and mining village located north of the keep.
  • An iron mine located south of the keep.
  • The Red Tide, Lord Ironholt's ship is anchored in the small port.


Construction of Ironholt begain on October 8, 2013. It began with davinator4O1 terraforming the keep area and beginning construction on the keep. Shortly after, the village was opened to the public.

Ironholt had to be re-built after the October of 2013 edition of it was destroyed by a world edit error. This new version, a carbon copy of the first one, was rebuilt by dell1862 under davinator4O1's supervision.

Iron Holt, seat of House Wynch

Village of Iron Holt

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