The Lands North of the Wall designate the large and snowy region that stands beyond the Wall. There dwell the Wildlings, descendant from the First Men, whom are never-endingly pulled back from the Wall in their attempts to cross over it to the South.


It is mainly constituted of a dense forest called the Haunted Forest, as the land is untamed and is unfit for agriculture due to harsh temperatures. As such, rivers and streams of water running along the land is partly or fully frozen, with a thin sheet of ice covering them. To the west lies a mountain range, no more hospitable than the rest of the region, called the Frostfangs, where the Milkwater, the great river beyond the Wall, finds its source. Further north is Thenn, a hidden valley in the mountains.

West of the Frostfangs are the Lands of Always Winter, an uncharted territory where it is said the Others come from.

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