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Lore Details:
Warp: /warp silverhill
Location: Westerlands
House: House Serrett
Type: Castle
Construction Details:
Started: August 2013
Project Lead: GarWolfe
Project Type: Personal
Project Status: Completed

Silverhill, also called Silverhall, is the main town and castle of House Serrett in the southern The Westerlands. House Serrett's sigil is a peacock in full pride on cream and their words are "I Have No Rival," indicating their prideful arrogance as a major house sworn to the Lannisters. Near the source of an unnamed river that flows south towards Goldengrove and into The Reach is a secluded valley which is occupied by the Serretts and includes their keep, called Silverhall, which sits on a hill called Silverhill, although the names are often used interchangeably. There are no passes or roads into this valley except near the river, meaning the House Serrett has an important role in the defense of the southern Westerlands and is one of the prominent houses in the region.


  • Silverhall, the castle of House Serrett, called Silverhall whereas the surrounding town and hills are called Silverhill. Square walls surrounding a courtyard with small buildings for blacksmiths, armories, a granary and a godswood. A tile-roofed keep which houses the great hall and the lord's apartments and chambers.
  • The Prideful Peacock, a large stone sculpture of a peacock guards the gate into Siverhall Castle.
  • Silverhill Docks, on an unnamed river which flows south from Silverhill's mountains towards Goldengrove and the Reach. This river is one of the only trading routes from Silverhill, which is a very isolated region of the Westerlands.
  • Silver Mines, in the foothills of the mountains are several silver mines and smelting facilities for refining the silver ore and crafting it into various goods.
  • The Serrett Sept, an elegant sept with red-tiled roofs is perched above the town of Silverhill and its fields on one of the foothills of the mountain range.


The current version of Silverhill was completed by GarWolfe in Fall 2013. It replaced an inactive build begun by Ciaran119 in Summer 2012. (see Forum )


Silverhall is inspired by the Westerlands Italianate style, but also uses grey stone walls with red-tiled roofs instead of the more common sandstone style in other Westerlands builds. The palette is closer to that used at Cornfield and Turnberry, two neighboring builds that define the border between the Westerlands and the Reach. (see Application on Forum )


WesterosCraft Walks Silverhill

WesterosCraft Walks Silverhill

Silverhill was featured in Episode 35 of WesterosCraft Walks. DutchGuard begins on the docks and visits the town on the river, some fields and the camp of a hedge knight, before exploring the Silverhall Castle.
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