Sisteron is a town located on Sweetsister, an island of the Three Sisters, in the Bite. Seat of House Borrell, it is considered the most notorious smuggler's den in all of Westeros.

Sisterton is a small, mean town, rank with the odors of pig waste and rotting fish. Its streets are made of mud and planks, while its are houses daub-and-wattle hovels roofed with straw. By the Gallows Gate there are always hanged men with their entrails dangling out. The Night Lamp, the black tower lighthouse and House Borrell's castle, Breakwater, are both located at Sisterton.


Breakwater Keep

Breakwater is built partially on huge, stone arches that stand as bulwarks against the sea. Entry to Breakwater is by a bridge of black basalt and a rusty iron portcullis. Its defenses include a deep salt moat and a drawbridge supported by two massive chains, followed by a larger gatehouse of algae-covered stones. Steps lead to Breakwater's cavernous stone keep. Its entrance is covered by threadbare Myrish carpet.

Breakwater's hall is gloomy and has a leaky roof. Only four of its twenty wall-mounted sconces hold torches. A white spider crab on a grey-green field, the sigil of House Borrell, is embroidered on a banner above the hall's hearth. Beneath the castle are dungeons of stone that are flooded when the tide rises.

Breakwater keep closes the harbor of Sisterton creating a shelter for ships, protecting them of the usual bad weather of the Sisters.

The Night Lamp

The Night Lamp is the name of a black tower lighthouse that guides ships preventing them of the danger of the stoney shore near the harbor of the town.