Stonecrab Cay
Lore Details:
Warp: /warp stonecrabcay
Location: The strait between mainland Reach and the Arbor
House: House Redwyne
Type: Abandoned Cay
Construction Details:
Started: August 13, 2013
Project Lead: lemonbear
Project Type: Personal (but with terraforming help)
Project Status: Complete

Over the years, people seeking some isolation and intending to make use of the large stonecrab population to make a profit tried to set up residence on the cay. However, driven away by the same crab population, they have ensured no one else will live on the island by spreading rumors of a gigantic ghost stonecrab. Whatever buildings there once were on the cay are now in ruins.


  • Ruined houses, the houses of the hopeful crab entrepreneurs.
  • Stonecrab burrows, the houses of the stonecrabs who are neither willing to share their island or to become a human's food.


This build was applied for along with Mermaid's PalaceIsle of PigsBastard's Cradle, and Horseshoe Rock as a part of the Islands between the Arbor and the Reach application. At the beginning of the Arbor Isles project, lemonbear asked MrTXI to help terraform the isles. He accepted, and shortly after they began work on Stonecrab Cay. Since the original Stonecrab Cay was much smaller that wanted, MrTXI enlarged the cay, adding more sand. He also added a reef between the Isle of Pigs and the cay. After this terraforming, lemonbear laid down three ruin plots and opened them to the community. These ruins were finished quickly and lemonbear added some vegetation and crab burrows to the island.