The Stormlands Style Guide is a comprehensive guide of of building styles in the Stormlands that is supposed to help builders determine the look of new builds, provide a common nomenclature and consistency across the region.The style guide is based on information from the books as well as inspiration from Eastern(ish) Europe medieval construction style -- notable Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. Be sure to check out /warp regionteststormlands for in-game examples and tips.

Ted nasmith a song of ice and fire storms end

Storm's End, Seat of the House Baratheon. Art by Ted Nasmith

Stormlands Subdivision


The three Stormlands subregions

The Stormlands are divided into three definitive zones. These are all under the rule of House Baratheon and generally have no political discrepancies, but for the sake of architectural variety are separted in this style guide. Ensuing palettes, tests, etc. will be split into three to cater to each subzone. All regions follow the Medieval Gothic architecture design of Eastern(ish) Europe The regions are as follows:

Northern Stormlands:  The Northern Stormlands span between the Kingswood and the Marches, up to and inclusing the coast to the east of that area. Tarth also falls under this category. The storms here are less savage than Cape Wrath and its climate milder than that of the Dornish Marches. Its castles are pale stone, with steep roofs to keep off rain. They are generally comfortable, and are more agriculture-based than those in the other regions.

2014-03-28 18.47.46

Northern Stormlands castle test

2014-03-28 18.48.43

Northern Stormlands castle palette

Cape Wrath: Cape Wrath is the large peninsula at the south-eastern portion of the Stormlands. A good part of it dominated by the Rainwood -- aptly named, for this this area is the worst affected by storms. The castles here are rugged and of a darker palette than those of the Northern Stormlands. They are a lot less comfortable, too. Steep roofs are used to allow the rain to slide off, and drains must be used on walls or keeps with none. Large butresses hold walls in place againt the wrath of the tempest. For coastal castles, remember to add sea and flood defences. Storm's End, the seat of House Baratheon (formerly House Durrandon the Storm Kings) is located in this category.

2014-03-28 18.47.57

Cape Wrath castle test

2014-03-28 18.48.56

Cape Wrath castle palette

Dornish Marches:  The Dornish Marches are a mountain range separating Dorne from the other Kingdoms of Westeros. They are often in contest between regions, and currently reside under the jurisdiction of House Caron of Nightsong, a bannermen to the Baratheons. The Dornish Marches should not be confused with the Red Mountains of Dorne, which are geographically part of the same mountain range but are geologically and politically separate. Marcher castles are not rained on so much as those in the other subregions, but rather tend to be rather chilly due to the high altitude. The higher reaches can even be capped with snow, despite the latitude and climate. Due to the frequent skirmishes with the Dornish, the Marcher Lords build more defence-oriented casltes than others. Emphasis on defence should face the south/which ever way invading Dornish would come from. Include watchtowers in your projects -- think of those mountain beacon signals in LOTR.

2014-03-28 18.48.06

Dornish Marches castle test

2014-03-28 18.49.04

Dornish Marches castle palette

Some Castle Inspiration Examples

Additional Do's and Don't's


  • Stay original! Don't have every castle be Storm's End. Perhaps take inspiration from the name/sigil of the House of your project?
  • Design your castles realistically for the region! I.e., rain/flood protection in Cape Wrath, defensive capabilities in the Marches, etc.
  • Keep your inhabitants warm! The Stormlands are cold and wet.
  • Give keeps thick walls! I know it means less space for the interior, but it's more realistic and allows for cooler exterior designs.
  • Add surrounding lands to your builds! So, don't just make a castle; town; field; done. Anything of a decent size will need a field rotation system, meadows, pastures, possibly hunting woods.
  • Add a terraform if necessary! Nothing is more dull than a castle on flat land with no trees. Add a few gentle hills, or a nice stream.
  • STEEP ROOFS. Oh, and for castle keeps make some square ones too, like in the inspirational pictures above.
  • Ignore every time I've said the word 'keep'! Castles of this style don't tend to have a keep with curtain walls, but instead a collection of buildings forming courtyards and providing their own defences.
  • Check out /warp regiontesstormlands if you haven't already!

Do Not:

  • Confuse this with other Kingdoms! In the past the Stormlands has been a jumble of different styles, many not unlike those found in other regions of Westeros. The Stormlands has it's own style now, please adhere to it.
  • Mix up the subregions! Nothing will make me more consternated than a Marcher castle on Tarth.
  • Assume my models at /warp regionteststormlands are actual size! They are tightly packed dioramas trying to squeeze in as amny features as possible.
  • Take the house tests as gospel! Unlike the castles, the house tests are not strict guidelines but rather ideas for what is possible. Much like actaul project leads, different serfs will build different houses in different areas. Keep it pertaining to realistically available materials though.
  • Overuse wattle and daub! It's okay in larger proportions in the Northern Stormlands, but in Cape Wrath it would require frequent replacement due to rot and compromise defenxe in the Marches. I'm not saying to omit it entirely, just don't make your entire castle out of it.
  • Use preposterous blocks in your palette! There is an inexhaustive list of ideas of what NOT to include at the ingame warp.
  • Assume that Stormlands culture is akin to Austria (etc.)! While the architectuural styles are different to other regions, culture remains, by and large, pretty much the same as in the Crownlands/Riverlands.

This styleguide was devised by OllieDisc and NoahRYS

Commissioned by Thamus_Knoward

Special thanks to BantyRooster and Rootweiler for additional tests

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