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*[[House Sparr of The Sparr]]
*[[House Sparr of The Sparr]]
*[[House Harlaw of Grey Garden]] (empty)
*[[House Harlaw of Grey Garden]]
*[[House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall]] (empty)
*[[House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall]]
*[[House Harlaw of Harridan Hill]] (empty)
*[[House Harlaw of Harridan Hill]]
*[[House Harlaw of Ten Towers]]
*[[House Harlaw of Ten Towers]]
*[[House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering]]
*[[House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering]]

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The Iron Islands are an archipelago of small to medium sized islands in the Sunset Sea of the west coast of Westeros in Ironman's Bay. The fierce, seafaring inhabits of the islands are called the ironmen, but they refer to themselves as the ironborn and were once their own kingdom. After Aegon's Conquest, they were ruled by House Greyjoy from the castle of Pyke , but as the saying goes, "every captain is the king of his own ship," making the Iron Islands sometimes called the Land of Ten Thousand Kings.

The Iron Islands differ culturally from any other region of Westeros. They have their own religion and worship the Drowned God and their lifestyle depends more on reaving and pirating then cultivating the stony and infertile land of the islands. Longship raiders often take "saltwives" and pay the "iron price" by pillaging rather than trading. Some households have assimilated into Westerosi culture by worshiping the Seven and seeking the counsel of maesters of the Citadel, but many prefer the "Old Way." Nagga's Ribs is an ancient religious and political landmark, where traditionally a king is chosen from among the longship captains and crowned by the Damphair (the high priest of the Drowned God) with the Driftwood Crown.

The major industries of the Iron Islands include fishing and whaling, as well as mining for iron and tin.

Since Aegon's Conquest, the Iron Islands have revolted ever few generations, a testament to their independent spirit and determination to remain separate from the other regions of Westeros.

In order of size, the major islands are Great Wyk, Harlaw, Pyke, Orkmont, Saltcliffe, Blacktyde, Old Wyk, and Lonely Light. Although the islands have no cities, Lordsport on Pyke and Pebbleton on Great Wyk are their major trade towns. Each family has a number of longships which are often anchored near their keeps.



Great Wyk


Lonely Light

Old Wyk




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