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Castle Black and the Wall

The Wall is over 300 miles long and 700 feet high and made of ice, and constitutes the extreme northern border of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, separating the North from the Land of Always Winter. It has been guarded by the Night's Watch for over 8,000 years, ever since it was constructed, according to popular myth, by Brandon the Builder. The Night's Watch has constructed 19 garrison castles to the south of the wall, but only Castle Black, Eastwatch, and The Shadow Tower are held with any strength. None of the castles were built for defense, so that the Night's Watch could never successfully rebel against the realm.

Beyond the wall live the wildlings, the Others, the giants, and other creatures from the Age of Heroes, against whom the Night's Watch is charged with defending the realm. Many of these denizens are organized in a loose confederacy under the King Beyond the Wall, currently Mance Rayder.

Source(s): The Wall


The Wall Castles

From West to East

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One of the larger castles on The Wall, abandoned long ago but a good candidate to re-garrison.

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  • The Nightfort

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  • Queensgate

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The castle nearest Castle Black, just to the east.

  • Woodswatch-by-the-Pool

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  • Rimegate

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  • Long Barrow

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A small ruined keep.

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  • Eastwatch-by-the-Sea

Short description here.

Source(s): The Wall

North of the Wall

  • Cave of the Last Greenseer

Short description here.

  • Craster's Keep

Short description here.

  • Fist of the First Men

Short description here.

  • Thenn

Short description here.

  • Whitetree

An abandoned village in the shadow of one of the largest known weirwoods.

  • Hardhome

The closest thing to a town in the lands beyond the wall, but long abandoned and said to be a cursed place.

Source(s): The Wall